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Tips to keep your Gums healthy: A quick look

It is a known fact that a ‘Beautiful Smile’ can do wonders for anyone, and it also spikes up the confidence level.

But to keep up with a beautiful smile, one needs to keep their teeth and gums healthy in a bid to ward off diseases and unsightly spots. Here are few easy tips from Arya Dentals, how to keep your gums healthy for a long-lasting beautiful smile:

Brush two times in a day:-

One of the most important and first steps towards a healthy gum is brushing your teeth twice a day. To be gentle on the gums, use soft/medium bristle toothbrush along with fluoride toothpaste, to brush your teeth twice every day. Ensure to brush your teeth for minutes a day, or listen to a song while brushing to get past easily.
Also, do not scrub your teeth very hard, hold your brush like a pencil, and move it in circles with vertical strokes to avoid any kind of gum recession. Lay emphasis on your gums since they are made of delicate tissue, acting as a wall against bacteria.
At 45 degrees angle, hold the brush at the edge of the gum line. Along with your teeth, make sure you clean your tongue and the roof of the mouth too. An essential tip would be to change your brush every 2-3 months or when the bristles worn out.

Floss every day, once

Flossing is tagged as one of the best ways to eradicate food and plaque present between teeth, which can trouble the gums if not removed on time. Just remember, to get each tooth from both the sides.
Make sure the floss forms a C-shape around the tooth and do not stress too far in your gums since it should not extend more than the gum line. Along with this, do a minimum of 4 vertical movements that will bring out any possible bacteria below your gums.

Use an antibacterial mouthwash daily

Did you know that teeth constituted only 25% of your mouth and it is imperative to keep it clean to avoid any infections which may turn out to be the primary cause of unhealthy gums? Hence, use antibacterial mouthwash minimum 5 times a week to avoid such misery. Also, ensure that the mouthwash doesn’t have alcohol in it, since it is harmful to gums.
Chlorhexidine mouthwash is another option, but it is highly recommended not to use consecutively for more than two weeks.

Eat gum-healthy edibles

Snacks having sugar, sodas, gum, etc. , all lead to the production of unhealthy bacteria in the mouth, causing gum diseases. Dried fruit, crackers, potato chips also can stick to your teeth and the remaining residue can dampen your teeth if not cleared properly.
As per market survey reports, most people miss out brushing daily after snacking, the residue sticks to the teeth for long. To keep your gums healthy, eat foods having high calcium like dairy products, vegetables, fresh fruit or hummus as good alternatives for better teeth health.
Avoiding sugary foods is next to impossible. That’s why after every such encounter wash your mouth with water to clean it. Wait till 30mins before brushing if diet drinks or sugary food has been on your diet.

Staying hydrated is crucial

In tune with this, saliva is important to keep a mouth clean and hydrated. Drink at least 5-8 oz of water per hour is crucial, whenever thirst arises or the mouth is dry.

Go to a dentist every six months

Dentists are trained in their tasks and can easily figure out the problem. Also, they provide suggestions to keep your gums healthy. So ensure you never miss out on a dentist appointment ever.

Bottom line
Gums are essential to make your smile and teeth beautiful forever. So it is of utmost priority to keep them healthy. If you wish to have a set of teeth to be proud of, ensure to follow the above-mentioned tips without fail.

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