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Bid farewell to your Gum Diseases FOREVER with Lanap Treatment

Going by the Centers for Disease Control report of 2012, gum diseases for adults over the age of 30 is quite prevalent. Matters are much worse for senior citizens who are more prone to gum diseases like periodontitis by around 70%.

Although gums may not be the most beautiful and visible part of your body, if the diseases are left untreated, the bone structure supporting the teeth can go for a toss. This eventually leads to tooth loss and many other dental issues.

Lanap gum protocol is one of the biggest rescues for such straining gum problems, making tables turn for patients with its minimally invasive laser treatment.

The importance of LANAP laser for gum disease
Advanced cases of gum diseases like Periodontal leave no door open other than Traditional surgery, however, for some LANAP is a far safer option. With LANAP, no more laceration of the gums, this implies no receding of the gum line and no degrading of the smile of the patient.

Unlike a Scalpel, a laser can make the distinction between healthy and infected tissues and leaves healthy tissue untouched.

Furthermore, LANAP treatment of gums kills several bacteria in the mouth, freeing the mouth from diseased tissues, without affecting the health of the teeth, gums, and the jawbone.

Bonus point- LANAP laser is highly effective in removing tissue, making it 3xtimes safer than traditional surgery with a scalpel.
Here is a quick overview of the primary difference between LANAP and traditional gum surgery.

Difference between LANAP and traditional gum surgery

Best Laser Gum Treatment Hyderabad, Arya Dentals
Post-surgery pain: Since from the very start, the pain of traditional gum surgery had instilled fear in the hearts of patients. Usually, pain medications are used to deal with painful cutting and suturing. Add to it, the long recovery time hampers diet and daily routine. No post-surgery pain– With LANAP laser surgery, patients do not need medications, since the pain is minimized to a significant extent. Add to it, the recovery time needed for such surgery is very little which helps patients to get back to their daily routine in time.
Losing gum line: With traditional surgery for gum diseases, losing several millimeters of the gum line is inevitable. This leads to exposing the teeth roots, making it highly sensitive for cold and hot foods. Gumline intact– With laser surgery, the gum line remains intact. This prevents the smile from getting altered. 
Uncertain results: The possibility of complications is feasibly higher after traditional gum surgeries. Such possibilities include prone to infection, failure to attach teeth with gums, etc. Positive results: Laser surgery stimulates the surface of the roots and encourages the regeneration of healthy gum tissues and reattachment. Even in cases of Periodontal diseases, teeth can be saved with LANAP treatment.

How LANAP treatment works

With LANAP treatment, dentists can remove infected gum tissues without cutting the gum. Centers like Arya Dentals, use PerioLase MVP-7 laser to deal with the infected gum tissue which has just started causing trouble.

In the case of any calculus deposits, all are removed with the help of an ultrasonic scaler. After the bacterium is removed, the laser cleans the area and healthy gum tissues naturally start regenerating. To the surprise of patients, the healing time turns out to be significantly shorter.

Benefits of undergoing LANAP laser surgery

If the question is about getting rid of gum diseases, there is no second alternative to LANAP treatment. Here are some of the benefits of LANAP:

  • No stitching or cutting
  • Quick recovery time
  • The enhanced success rate for bone generation
  • Full-mouth in-office treatment
  • High success ratio compared to traditional surgery
  • Less postoperative discomfort and pain

Bottom line

LANAP laser surgery is a move beyond traditional gum surgery with a scalpel. For the majority of the cases, a laser is preferred than traditional, because of the high success ratio.

Everyone wants a healthy strong beautiful gum, and LANAP surgery from Arya Dentals is the best route for it.

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